Ep 59 Divine Mother Energy w/ Trevor Hall

Recently while in Maui, I had the great opportunity to have singer/songwriter Trevor Hall sit down and record an episode of Mind Left Body. We get into some talk about spiritual names, songwriting, the power of Hawaii and the Bhakti path. After the intro, I added my favorite track of Trevor's, "Dust". It segues nicely into the conversation which is accompanied by little birdies throughout. 

Outro song: Trevor Hall - Kali Ma ( accompanied by: Rhagu Markus <harmonium,vocals> and Benjy Wertheimer <tablas> )


Ep 58 Mystical Kirtan w/ Mirabai Moon

Welcome to the podcast Ms. Mirabai Moon! With a Mind Left Body first, live music performed in front of an audience of me on a balcony in Maui overlooking Napili Cove. At the beginning of the episode we get a heart opening rendition of the Hanuman Chalisa and later on she performs Twameva Mata. We had originally planned to do an episode of the podcast together months ago preparing to do it via skype. Then as fate would have it, we both ended up at the Ram Dass Spring Retreat in Maui. A real true pleasure. 


Outro song: Mirabai Moon - Jai Ma Ananda Mayi  
(from her cd: "The Bridge to Where You Are")