Ep 38 Less Stress More Wah! w/ Wah Devi

I had the great privilege to spend an hour with the one and only Wah! She is hands down one of the most amazing voices in the yoga community. Whether it be devotional singing, teaching yoga, presenting workshops, leading womens groups or writing books, it's all about service. Its all about sharing that heart space. Wah! will be presenting a Healing Concert at the Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton Florida on January 3rd. It is a great opportunity to start the new year off on the right foot with some amazing healing energy. Tickets are available at www.rockthebhakti.com https://www.facebook.com/events/488039651377498/488238464690950/

Outro song: Wah! - Govinda Gopala
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Ep 37 Meeting of the MINDs w/ Noah Lampert

This episode I reconnected with Co-Founder of MindPod Network, Noah Lampert. He has also become a fellow podcaster with his podcast, Synchronicity on MPN. We really bounce around a lot on this episode and cover a lot of ground. A really fun and relaxed conversation. Perfect for the holiday weekend.


Outro song: Stevie Wonder - As 

Ep 36 Art Through The Veil w/ Matt Pecson

I sat down with Contemporary Pop Artist Matt Pecson. I find sitting down with Musicians and artist to be the most fascinating people. It really is about wanting to break through that veil and trying to understand what they see. Matt's story is very interesting because he just got into painting 2 years ago after an illness. But what he is able to tap into and pull out from the other side in magical. He has found his bliss.

There is also an extra/ preview of next week's talk with fellow podcaster and co founder of Mind Pod Network, Noah Lampert.
Outro song: Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gunrsz_1447984409465.jpg


Ep 35 Love Is My Religion w/ “Toby Tyler”

A new friend of mine has quite the story to share. From growing up a Jehovah's Witness to being disfellowed to suffering severe depression to suicide attempts to healing through psilocybin . There's so much more to the story that wasn't told but in the end there is only healing and growth. Warning: Severe Esoteric Ramblings Contained Within

Outro song: Ziggy Marley - Love Is My Religion 

Ep 34 Vetiver Farm Hawaii w/ Jason Fox

Stretching over land and sea to connect with Jason Fox of  Vetiver Farms in Papaikou, HI on the Big Island. We talk about vetiver grass and the amazing things it's doing for the land in tropical climates. We talk about the oils he's making on the farm with vetiver, eucalyptus, lemon grass and lavender. We talk about his buddy Nahko of Medicine For The People and how his music sprang from the farm. We also get into the beauty of the land of Hawaii and of course end up chatting metaphysics. Does a conversation get any better than this first time talking with someone?


Outro song:  Nahko - Creation's Daughter (at Jason Fox's farm in Papa'ikou in December 2008)