Ep 19 Sit with It w/ Xavier Vazquez

Bienvenidos a Miami! This episode goes exactly where I envisioned this podcast to go. We go deep but never leave our seats. We discuss the unexplainable in explainable terms. We dance with the divine source. Its a melding of the universe. I met Xavier in Maui but caught up with him where he hails from in Miami to experience a kirtan led by Krishna Das. Please check out Xavier's blog at www.sitwithit.net

Outro song: George Harrison - Be Here Now

ep 18 the healing begins w/ Jason Hoffman

From an injury in his youth to pain killer/opiate addiction to near death to healing. Jason has come to a place of love after many years of depression and confusion. With the help of plant medicines, he is finding peace within himself for the first time ever. We recorded this episode on top of the Hindu Temple of Florida in Tampa. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to use we were right in the flight path of Tampa International. But the airplanes tend to add an interesting ambiance to the podcast. 

Outro Song: Citizen Cope - Healing Hands

Ep 17 Over A Cup Of Tea with Harlan Dennis

Ive known Harlan for about two years now. He just arrived back in town after living in Cali with his Father for the last six months. Days before he was leaving to head back here, his Father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, only given weeks to live. This is one of the first times he is telling the story. It takes a minute for him to get himself to gear up to sharing but then the healing begins. Its a powerful conversation. 

Outro song: Tool - The Patient 1434388580280.jpg

Ep 16 Soul Quest

I sat down with founder, Chris Young, and some members of Soul Quest, a Native American Plant Medicine Church based out of Orlando Florida. The healing and the union in their stories run deep. You can reach Chris at www.soulquest-retreat.com

ph: 407-360-6297 
email: soulquestorlando@gmail.com
Outro song: Nahko and Medicine For The People -  Wash It Away