ep 11 Just Breathe

Life is full of complications. Take for example my guest not showing up to record a podcast today before I leave for Maui in the morning. So, I just did a short 20+ minute diatribe of where I'm at on my journey right now. It's definitely not a throw away episode. I go down some newly paved roads. Be Love!

Outro song: Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

Ep 10 DMT Chemist

I dip my toes into the realm of dimethyltryptamine with a DMT chemist. From his first encounter to ego death we float through it all. For the curious to the avid psychonaut, there is something for everybody. Strap in we're taking off.

Intro song: 

Flying Lotus - DMT Song ft. Thundercat

Outro song: 

Shpongle - Divine Moments Of Truth


Ep 9 Back Under The Osprey’s Nest

My buddy Aaron & I got together back under the Osprey's nest for another conversation. We discussed awakenings, from political and social awakenings (1st 15-20 min of podcast) to spiritual awakening. You can hear clear as day my soul brighten as we merged into the spiritual part of the podcast. I dropped revelations about myself that I may not have even been aware of at least on a conscious level. From crayons, to books, to getting dirty with Mother Nature, we cover it all. 

Outro song: Rusted Root - Back To The Earth

Ep 8 Under The Osprey’s Nest

This is my favorite podcast so far. I sat down with my buddy Aaron to discuss his awakening and the veils being lifted. After searching for a location to sit, the universe lead us to sit on a fallen tree under an osprey's nest. Perfect location to talk about awakenings as the baby ospreys can be heard in the nest as butterflys flew around us. Down the rabbit hole we go. 

Outro song: Bob Marley- Wake Up And Live