Ep 33 Master of the Bansuri w/ Steve Gorn

October 28, 2015

On this episode of the podcast, I was beyond fortunate to be able to connect with Bansuri virtuoso Steve Gorn. The Grammy award winning flautist has performed Indian Classical Music and new American Music on the bansuri bamboo flute in concerts and festivals throughout the world. He can be heard on recordings with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Paul Simon, Richie Havens, etc etc. He talks here not just of the flute but how it is his practice. Nada Yoga means "union through sound." It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. Here's a short video that was made in India last winter https://youtu.be/cKIiR-QpY2U http://stevegorn.com/ 

Outro song: Indian Nights - Steve Gorn