Ep 61 Human Kindness w/ Sita Lozoff

This episode was a very intense one for me. I was able to thank somebody who helped pull me out of the darkest place that I had ever been in my life. I connected with Co-Director of the Human Kindness Foundation, Sita Lozoff.  Sita along with her husband Bo and Ram Dass, founded the Prison Ashram Project in 1973. Bo & Sita  then went on to created the non-profit organization,The Human Kindness Foundation in 1987 to encompass the prison work and other projects. 

Each week, HFK receives approximately 400 letters from prison and jail inmates. Staff and volunteers answer each letter by sending books, CDs, and personal notes. They also produce a newsletter three times per year, which anyone is welcome to receive. There are approximately 38,000 people currently on their mailing list. 


Human Kindness Foundation
PO Box 61619 Durham, NC 27715
Phone: (919) 383-5160

Outro song: Bo Lozoff - The Outlaw Maury Logue / Take Him Away



Ep 60 Through The Looking Glass w/ SitaRam Dass & Muid

An episode of firsts. The first episode released with 2 guests and the first one with a companion for the introduction. Kelly Rego from the Love Serve Remember Foundation joins me for the intro to discuss the Ram Dass Fellowship Program. Then I sit down with two former residents of Maui and caretakers for Ram Dass, SitaRam Dass & Muid. They talk about the difference of life on the mainland and share some stories about their time living with and caring for RD. The one thing they don't discuss is kirtan and both of them are amazing kirtan wallahs in their own right. So, to close out the episode is a preview track of a song, off the soon to be released CD by SitaRam Dass. 

Outro song: 

"Any Name You Want" by Sitaram Dass. This has never been heard before. Its debuting on the podcast!  It will be released at the end of this summer on the album, "The Puja Room Recordings."  For more info about me, my upcoming kirtan dates, and to download music, go to www.sitaramdass.com

Josh Polich on tabla. 
Newsong on violin.rsz_1464077417717.jpg