Ep 41 Cat Behind the Bookcase w/ Duncan Trussell

Happy New Year!!! I'm ending 2015 with a bang. Episode 41 is ending this year of my 41st year in this incarnation for me. I sat on my balcony at the Napili Kai Beach Resort (NKBR) with Duncan Trussell and the forever silent when a microphone is present Cora Keegan. A perfect way to spend the last night of the Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat. I'm leaving the details of this episode all a surprise, you'll just have to listen.

Outro song: Mike Love - No Regrets 1451594217499-1.jpg

Ep 40 Keep It Krispy w/ Pete Holmes

Happy Holy Days everyone! Episode 40 is the 2nd podcast that I recently recorded while out in Maui for the Open Your Heart In Paradise Retreat. I had the privilege of sitting down with fellow podcaster (You Made It Weird podcast on Nerdist) and stand up comedian Pete Holmes. As you would expect it gets weird, but in such a loving way. 

Outro song: Kia Shine - Krispy 

Ep 39 Open Your Heart w/ Jen Allinson

Im back after a brief break in Maui to recharge my heart. While there, I had the great honor to spend time with and record an episode of the podcast with Jen Allison. I was anticipating entering into this conversation discussing work as service and I was blind sided with an even more amazing story. The day that Jen began medical school, she was diagnosed with cancer. Its an amazing story of learning to be doctor and patient simultaneously. One of my favorite conversations that Ive had the opportunity to have on this podcast thus far.

Outro song: Nina Simone - Here comes the sun (Francois K. remix)

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