Ep 33 Master of the Bansuri w/ Steve Gorn

On this episode of the podcast, I was beyond fortunate to be able to connect with Bansuri virtuoso Steve Gorn. The Grammy award winning flautist has performed Indian Classical Music and new American Music on the bansuri bamboo flute in concerts and festivals throughout the world. He can be heard on recordings with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Paul Simon, Richie Havens, etc etc. He talks here not just of the flute but how it is his practice. Nada Yoga means "union through sound." It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. Here's a short video that was made in India last winter https://youtu.be/cKIiR-QpY2U http://stevegorn.com/ 

Outro song: Indian Nights - Steve Gorn

Ep32 Cancer Awareness Mural Project Foundation w/ Patti Van Buskirk

I sat down with Patti Van Buskirk President of the Cancer Awareness Mural Project Foundation. 

Their statement on their website is: "The purpose of our organization is to bring issues of cancer that are in the background to the community using murals done by local artists. Using the interaction with the murals to draw out questions and concerns in order to act as a bridge to the medical community to provide information." 

Outro song: One Republic - I Lived 


Ep 31 Ayahuasca An Executive’s Enlightenment w/ Michael Sanders

Today's episode is the story of an advertising executive whose trip to Burning Man lead him to the Amazonian jungles of Peru. There he took part in three Shamanic Ayahuasca ceremonies that changed his life. His book Ayahuasca An Executive's Enlightenment reads like an adventure novel but fantasy it is not. His journey and his story telling ability will leave you captivated and wanting more. we even ended up speaking for another 45 minutes after the recording stopped. (I wish I hadn't stopped recording). Enjoy the podcast and then go get the book. You wont be sorry. Please welcome to the podcast Michael Sanders. 

Outro song: Hilario Chiriap - Homenaje a la Ayahuasca

Ep 30 Hobo Safe Camp w/ Mark Hammerschmidt

On this episode I connect with Mark Hammerschmidt, who along with his wife, Holly, have an amazing vision. (and that means two things)  First is their empathic/psychic vision, as they are both psychic/ tarot card readers. Second is they have a Go Fund Me campaign to complete their vision of a hobo sanctuary called Hobo Safe Camp. They are looking for a safe place for people who are traveling the road to stop in and have affordable spiritual retreats, artistic expression and a sense of oneness. Its an amazing endevour. So please support them at www.gofundme.com/hobosafecamp and get a phone or instagram reading as an incentive. (There's a little bit of a sporadic mic clicking on his end but I cleaned it up the best I could. I hope that you can get past it. Its worth it.) And don't bow out early, as Mark gives me a reading at the end of the episode. 

Outro song: Arlo Guthrie - Hobo's Lullaby 

Ep 29 Without Love In The Dream w/ Zach Leary

I was blessed to link up with Zach Leary and discuss the new documentary, "Dying To Know". It is the story about the relationship between Zach's father, Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. Amazing movie! we also discuss kirtan, the Grateful Dead and ISKCON among other esoteric murmurings. It was really fun and flowing podcast. Moral of the story: Without Love in the Dream, It Will Never Come True. Please give Zach's podcast, "It's All Happening" a listen, you won't regret it.

Outro song: Grateful Dead - Help On The Way/Slipknot/Franklin's Tower 06/10/1976