Ep 5 The Duncan Trussell Maui Hour

I was blessed to be able to sit down with Comedian, Podcaster, Philosopher and Mind Blower Duncan Trussell while in Maui. Get ready for some illuminated mental love bomb explosions! 
Outro song: Krishna Das - Mahamantra Meltdown 1424051504702.jpg


Ep 4 Maui Memories - The Heart Opening -

I sat down with my amazing friend Lolo (Lauren) and shared with her my journey on Maui. From surf hostel to 4 star resort, I experienced it all. It was the greatest spiritual awakening I have ever had and that was before I arrived at Ram Dass' Open Your Heart In Paradise retreat. It truly only escalated once I arrived at the retreat. I not only had the greatest 12 days I can remember, but I had the single most blessed day in my current incarnation. Well beyond my wildest dreams. I can not truly say how profoundly this trip changed my life and I'm happy to share it with you. 

Outro song: Nahko and Medicine For The People - Aloha Ke Akua

Ep 3 The Layover w/ Andrea Doom

On my layover in ATL on my way to Maui, Andrea Dee AKA Andrea Doom met me in the airport for breakfast and a podcast. 

Outro song: Nicki Bluhm - Jet Plane

Ep 2 Locked Up Abroad

There's no way I could begin to do this podcast without being totally upfront and honest. So I'm putting this out there right from the beginning. This is a commentary track to episode 5 of season 4 Locked Up Abroad : Spain. This tells the story leading up to my incarceration. Not an easy subject to tackle but very cathartic. My friend Sydney was a true angel to sit down and be my sounding board as I told my story. I thank her with all of my heart. 

Outro song: Grateful Dead - Sing Me Back Home 8/27/72  Veneta, ORIMG_20150203_123253.jpg