Ep 73 We Are Light w/ Katherine Croston Gardellini

I sat on releasing this episode as I released myself from being held down by my insecurities. Sometimes, being so open and vulnerable on this podcast can be trying for me. Although it is extremely cathartic and I know it helps others at the same time, my ego has other ideas. To me this realization is very important in my spiritual growth. For me, this conversation with Katherine Croston Gardellini contains so much love that it overflowed and overwhelmed me on listening back. And there is nothing that makes me happier than to share this amazing conversation with this extraordinary being with everyone.





Song Outro: I Am Light (India Arie) - Emily Elbert, Tubby Love, & Amber Lily




Ep 72 Dear Dad w/ JR Morton


I sat on this episode for a minute, because contained within are a pair of very powerful and personal stories. One being from this episode's guest JR Morton and one being from me. And it's amazing how incredibly they parallel each other. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down for this conversation. This episode deals with the three D's : Death, Dying and Dads. 


Outro song: Pearl Jam - Release 




Ep 71 Through The Heart w/ Dawn Abney

The hardest thing that can happen to one in this life is losing their child. My guest is someone who is dealing with that pain right now. In March of 2016 her son, Devin was seperated from his body in a terrible, but honorable accident. Yet, no matter how honorable, there is still so much pain left behind. But, the only way to healing is to go through the pain into love. Dawn is doing that with grace. She sat down with me on our final night together in Maui after a week of tears,laughter, pain, releasement and lots of hugs. I count myself so honored to know and spend time with Devin and with Dawn. Blessings upon blessings.


Outro song: Old Crow Medicine Show - We're All In This Together




Ep 70 Car-Mic Event (The Prequal) w/ Shanti Evans

Yes things finally got unstuck and we're back! Episode 70 is with my great friend and teacher Shanti Evans. There is nobody that I enjoy going deep with more than her. On the last episode that we recorded together she spoke about her "car-mic" event, a car accident that changed her life. Well this time we talk about the "car-mic" event, car accident that took her husbands life less than two years earlier. 


Outro song: Grateful Dead - He's Gone rsz_3screenshot_2017-01-10-16-52-34-1-1.jpg


Ep 69 Quiet Mind w/ Jade Black

I could have easily have called this episode, "Cosmic Soup". I say that because my guest, Jade Black, and I left this realm and existed in each others soul space during this conversation. These connections are so important and so necessary for our growth. Jade's book, " Quiet Mind, Open Heart" will assist those who thought betterment was hopeless, but it will also amplify and heighten those who are on their way towards the light. This is a powerful and joyful episode.


Outro song: Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence


Ep 68 Virtual Campfire w/ Mark Hammerschmidt

Again, I had the great fortune to sit around the campfire with head Hobo, Mark Hammerschmidt. We linked up for a joint podcast, being shared both on Mind Left Body and Hobo Safe Camp's Virtual Campfire. With no plans for what we were going to talk about, we flowed down stream in the smoothest of journeys. 


Outro song: Krishna Das - Jaya Jagatambe


Ep 67 The Glades w/ Humberto Jimenez

I recently traveled down into the Everglades and saw what it's like for somebody to live in their bliss. Humberto Jimenez works for TigerTail Airboat Tours on the Miccosukee Indian Reservation. He has found his center of peace out amongst the Everglades' wildlife.  He not only leads tours but rehabs injured, sick and orphaned alligators, turtles, hogs, etc. I can't recommend enough going down and having him share his world with you.

FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram - Tigertail Airboat Tours
Outro song: Waylon Jennings - The Everglades

Ep 66 Mother with Duncan Trussell

The return of the Podcast Guru, Duncan Trussell. I recently had to be rushed to the emergency room under the strangest of circumstances. Stranger yet is what happened to me while on the table. And I could think of nobody that I wanted to release all of this madness to than Duncan. This conversation is beyond interesting. I'm just happy that I stuck around to have it, and share it. One Love! Jai Ma!


Outro song: Pink Floyd - Mother



Ep 65 I Am w/ Drew McManus of Satsang

Sitting inside a banyan tree by the waterside, I was able to have an amazing chat with Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Drew McManus from the band Satsang. We spoke about touring, writing, spirituality, addiction, etc. The only fault is that it wasn't longer as he had to go do soundcheck for his show at Jannus Live with Nahko and Medicine For The People.


Outro song: Satsang - I Am


Ep 64 Hoka! w/ Nahko Bear & Intro w/ Jason Fox

Today, We Are A Part Of Something Special! This episode is for all of the Medicine Tribe out there. I reconnected via skype with past guest and good buddy, Jason Fox of Vetiver Farms Hawaii. But, he is just the opening act. Keeping with the flow,I had the opportunity to sit down with Nahko Bear at his hotel recently before his show at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg. We cover some very cool territory talking about some things that I haven't heard him touch upon before. And being hot on the tail of the new CD release,Hoka!, I got to get some inside info.  



Mind Left Body podcast can be streamed at: www.mindleftbody1111.podbean.com It is also available for download on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher and all podcast apps.rsz_screenshot_2016-07-15-14-03-09-1.png

Ep 63 Wang Dang Doodle w/ Carin Channing

It's time to stop letting all the negativity seep in and reignite your creativity and imagination. This is what my guest, Carin Channing, is doing with her books, "365 Days of Doodling: Discovering the Joys of Being Creative Every Day" and her brand new adventure "Doodle Book Junior - 101 Creative Prompts For Kids" This is a really fun conversation into reawakening the spirit of creating and being free to dream. 


Outro song: Grateful Dead - Wang Dang Doodle


Ep 62 “Car-mic” Event w/ Shanti

Mind Left Body has returned triumphantly with an amazing episode. I finally got the ultra illuminating lighthouse aka Shanti on microphone to share a mind blowing story, Coming up on a year ago, she had what she refers to as her "car-mic" event. She was in a car accident that changed her life forever and in part for better. We also go down a few rabbit holes that are very inspiring. Enjoy the ride!

Outro song: Pearl Jam - Last Kiss

Mind Left Body podcast can be streamed at: www.mindleftbody1111.podbean.com It is also available for download on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher and all podcast apps.


Ep 61 Human Kindness w/ Sita Lozoff

This episode was a very intense one for me. I was able to thank somebody who helped pull me out of the darkest place that I had ever been in my life. I connected with Co-Director of the Human Kindness Foundation, Sita Lozoff.  Sita along with her husband Bo and Ram Dass, founded the Prison Ashram Project in 1973. Bo & Sita  then went on to created the non-profit organization,The Human Kindness Foundation in 1987 to encompass the prison work and other projects. 

Each week, HFK receives approximately 400 letters from prison and jail inmates. Staff and volunteers answer each letter by sending books, CDs, and personal notes. They also produce a newsletter three times per year, which anyone is welcome to receive. There are approximately 38,000 people currently on their mailing list. 


Human Kindness Foundation
PO Box 61619 Durham, NC 27715
Phone: (919) 383-5160

Outro song: Bo Lozoff - The Outlaw Maury Logue / Take Him Away



Ep 60 Through The Looking Glass w/ SitaRam Dass & Muid

An episode of firsts. The first episode released with 2 guests and the first one with a companion for the introduction. Kelly Rego from the Love Serve Remember Foundation joins me for the intro to discuss the Ram Dass Fellowship Program. Then I sit down with two former residents of Maui and caretakers for Ram Dass, SitaRam Dass & Muid. They talk about the difference of life on the mainland and share some stories about their time living with and caring for RD. The one thing they don't discuss is kirtan and both of them are amazing kirtan wallahs in their own right. So, to close out the episode is a preview track of a song, off the soon to be released CD by SitaRam Dass. 

Outro song: 

"Any Name You Want" by Sitaram Dass. This has never been heard before. Its debuting on the podcast!  It will be released at the end of this summer on the album, "The Puja Room Recordings."  For more info about me, my upcoming kirtan dates, and to download music, go to www.sitaramdass.com

Josh Polich on tabla. 
Newsong on violin.rsz_1464077417717.jpg


Ep 59 Divine Mother Energy w/ Trevor Hall

Recently while in Maui, I had the great opportunity to have singer/songwriter Trevor Hall sit down and record an episode of Mind Left Body. We get into some talk about spiritual names, songwriting, the power of Hawaii and the Bhakti path. After the intro, I added my favorite track of Trevor's, "Dust". It segues nicely into the conversation which is accompanied by little birdies throughout. 

Outro song: Trevor Hall - Kali Ma ( accompanied by: Rhagu Markus <harmonium,vocals> and Benjy Wertheimer <tablas> )


Ep 58 Mystical Kirtan w/ Mirabai Moon

Welcome to the podcast Ms. Mirabai Moon! With a Mind Left Body first, live music performed in front of an audience of me on a balcony in Maui overlooking Napili Cove. At the beginning of the episode we get a heart opening rendition of the Hanuman Chalisa and later on she performs Twameva Mata. We had originally planned to do an episode of the podcast together months ago preparing to do it via skype. Then as fate would have it, we both ended up at the Ram Dass Spring Retreat in Maui. A real true pleasure. 


Outro song: Mirabai Moon - Jai Ma Ananda Mayi  
(from her cd: "The Bridge to Where You Are")


Ep 57 Meet Ravi Das w/ Xavier Vazquez

Almost a year to the date, I sat with returning guest, Xavier Vazquez in the exact same place we recorded the  first episode. Same place, but not the same man. Not even the same name. He is the man formally known as Xavier, as he has been given his spiritual name, Ravi Das. We discuss the new name, his project, Sit With It and his band, ModernAge.

Outro song: ModernAge - Scott Baio (Words)



Ep 56 Clutter w/ Derek Meier

I sat down with returning guest Derek Meier. The first time we sat on the beach in Maui, this time we were on the beach in the Bahamas, 6000 miles away. We discuss ashram life and spring cleaning.

Outro song: Rusted Root - Bullets In The Fire 


Ep 55 Sivananda Ashram w/ Arjuna

Recently I was at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. While there, I had the great privilege to have a history lesson about the ashram with guest programme co-ordinator, Arjun Alfieri. He is a direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and director of Yoga Sivananda in Gatineau, Quebec,

Outro song: Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat - Daily Chants


Ep 54 Cut The Cable w/ Ken Fried

After attending lunch time meditation at the local Buddhist Temple, Ken Fried and I sat on a cove on Sarasota Bay. We cover many subjects in this conversation, but they all reach the same conclusion: Let Go! Cut The Cable! In order to free ourselves we need to separate ourselves from the clinging. Really good energy on this one family.

Outro song: Umphrey's McGee - Cut The Cable


Ep 53 Once Upon A Time w/ Lauren Elene

I had the good fortune to sit down with a being who is so beautifully tuned into the same frequency that I am. When we connect it's like a mirror reflecting off of itself in an infinite loop. So, I would love to introduce my lovely amazing friend, Lauren Elene. We sat waterside and just fell into tangent after tangent and that was before we hit record. But, I think we captured some good stuff here.

Outro song: Jacob Miller - Once Upon A Time1459643205851.jpg

Ep 52 Holy Wall w/ Matthew Reed

I recently connected via the interwebs with musician/producer, Matthew Reed. we talk about his project, Holy Wall and the new EP released in Dec entitled,"I'll Feel Good". You can check out his music at: holywall.bandcamp.com


Songs included on this episode: 
1) Dark Wave 
2) Spirit Hum 
3) Holy Wall
Instrumentation/Production:Matthew Reed
Indigo De Souza (Vocals: Dark Wave, Spirit Hum, Holy Wall) 
Andrew Costantino (Vocals: Spirit Hum, Holy Wall) 
Ryan Lassiter (Vocals: Dark Wave) 

Ep 51 Love Is Awake w/ David Newman aka Durga Das

I was graced to sit down with Musician/Author/Teacher/Kirtan artist David Newman aka Durga Das recently after a pair of workshops in Tampa. It was a very musical conversation both literally and figuratively. We discuss his book, The Timebound Traveler that tells the tale of his unexpected inner journey that lead him to discover that , 'What I was initially most afraid of ultimately brought the greatest gift'. 


Outro song: David Newman - Rama Bolo

Ep 50 On Hiatus w/ Krishna Das

Welcome to episode 50 of the Mind Left Body podcast. What better way to celebrate the semi-centennial episode than with kirtan wallah Krishna Das. I had the extraordinary privilege to sit down with him recently at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. Sitting on his balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with the waves crashing on to the shore. I think the conversation mirrors our surroundings.


Outro song: Krishna Das - Jaya Bhagavan


Ep 49 Expectation w/ Arjun Bruggeman

I recently was at the Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. While their I sat down with tabla player extraordinaire Arjun Bruggeman. We discussed what he will be doing during Krishna Das' sabbatical & his debut album coming out on Mantrology Records in April. But we also go over such varied subjects such as Punk Rock, Iron Maiden, New Jersey and Maharaj-ji. A little bit of everything for everyone.

Outro Song: Arjun Bruggeman - Expectation



Ep 48 Scarlet Faery w/ Heather Day

This has been the cursed podcast. Two conversations lost but we were still able to laugh and have another amazing conversation. But this time more than the two of us can hear it. Heather Day and I have been friends for a few years now and she continues to inspire me with her ability to take chances and live the life she wants and not what others want her to live. all the while holding a loving family together. We all need to strive to have her strength. 


Outro song: Rising Appalachia - Medicine



Ep 47 Mantra w/ Ian Boccio

Today we venture into the world of mantra with Ian Boccio. He presented a Mantra Chant Intensive here in Sarasota of which I attended at Garden Of The Heart yoga studio. On top of presenting these mantra workshops, he is also chant leader, bassist and composer for the mantra music ensemble, Blue Spirit Wheel. As well as, Creative Director of Chantlanta, a charity organization that creates awareness of chanting and yoga practices through the annual Chantlanta Sacred Music Festival.


Outro song: Blue Spirit Wheel - Nirvana Shatakam


Ep 46 We’reJammin’ w/ Mike Finoia

On today's episode, I reached out to fellow podcaster (JamCast) and stand-up comedian, Mike Finoia. Well let me fill you in, so, OK its been a long time coming... an episode talking about the Grateful Dead. But its just not the Grateful Dead, we talk some Phish too haha and taxes among other things. Great guy, good laughs and a fun conversation.


Outro song: Grateful Dead - Here Comes Sunshine


Ep 45 Getting Inked w/ Scott Olive

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Mind Left Body with the man who has not only brought color to my skin but to the world, Mr. Scott Olive. I have gotten over 90% of my tattoos from Scott over an almost 8 year period. Tattooing since 2007 his work just keeps getting better and better. Check out his work here: 

Outro song: Migos - Rich Than Famous

Ep 44 O Haleakala w/ Matthew Pancone

A short but sweet episode of the podcast. Returning guest, Matthew Pancone and I bid a farewell to Maui watching sunset from on top of the volcano, Haleakala. A very tired Matt & Mike recap their trip and give thanks. 

Outro song: Trevor Hall - O Haleakala

Ep 43 In Love With Everything w/ Ben “Cosmo” Kramer

At the back of the Sacred Garden In Makawao Maui on the Maliko Gulch sat Cosmo & I. We decided to sit down on our last morning on the island together and share space. Its a beautiful sharing session between two individuals who are opening to the fact that they aren't individuals at all. 

Outro song: David Bowie - Heroes 

Ep 42 JAWS w/ Stephanie Schwindenhammer

What an amazing place to sit and do a podcast, Pe'ahi Beach,Maui otherwise known as Jaws. Stephanie and I sat cliff side and expounded upon various topics. Including her probing into my mind and pushing some madness over the edge plunging onto the rocks below. There are laughs, introspection and heart breaking stories all sandwiched into this dialogue exchange.

Outro song: Owen Gray - I Say Super Jaws

Ep 41 Cat Behind the Bookcase w/ Duncan Trussell

Happy New Year!!! I'm ending 2015 with a bang. Episode 41 is ending this year of my 41st year in this incarnation for me. I sat on my balcony at the Napili Kai Beach Resort (NKBR) with Duncan Trussell and the forever silent when a microphone is present Cora Keegan. A perfect way to spend the last night of the Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat. I'm leaving the details of this episode all a surprise, you'll just have to listen.

Outro song: Mike Love - No Regrets 1451594217499-1.jpg

Ep 40 Keep It Krispy w/ Pete Holmes

Happy Holy Days everyone! Episode 40 is the 2nd podcast that I recently recorded while out in Maui for the Open Your Heart In Paradise Retreat. I had the privilege of sitting down with fellow podcaster (You Made It Weird podcast on Nerdist) and stand up comedian Pete Holmes. As you would expect it gets weird, but in such a loving way. 

Outro song: Kia Shine - Krispy 

Ep 39 Open Your Heart w/ Jen Allinson

Im back after a brief break in Maui to recharge my heart. While there, I had the great honor to spend time with and record an episode of the podcast with Jen Allison. I was anticipating entering into this conversation discussing work as service and I was blind sided with an even more amazing story. The day that Jen began medical school, she was diagnosed with cancer. Its an amazing story of learning to be doctor and patient simultaneously. One of my favorite conversations that Ive had the opportunity to have on this podcast thus far.

Outro song: Nina Simone - Here comes the sun (Francois K. remix)

Mind Left Body podcast can be streamed at www.mindleftbody1111.podbean.com It is also available for download on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher and all podcast apps.


Ep 38 Less Stress More Wah! w/ Wah Devi

I had the great privilege to spend an hour with the one and only Wah! She is hands down one of the most amazing voices in the yoga community. Whether it be devotional singing, teaching yoga, presenting workshops, leading womens groups or writing books, it's all about service. Its all about sharing that heart space. Wah! will be presenting a Healing Concert at the Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton Florida on January 3rd. It is a great opportunity to start the new year off on the right foot with some amazing healing energy. Tickets are available at www.rockthebhakti.com https://www.facebook.com/events/488039651377498/488238464690950/

Outro song: Wah! - Govinda Gopala
Mind Left Body podcast can be streamed atwww.mindleftbody1111.podbean.com It is also available for download on Podbean,  iTunes, Stitcher and all podcast apps.


Ep 37 Meeting of the MINDs w/ Noah Lampert

This episode I reconnected with Co-Founder of MindPod Network, Noah Lampert. He has also become a fellow podcaster with his podcast, Synchronicity on MPN. We really bounce around a lot on this episode and cover a lot of ground. A really fun and relaxed conversation. Perfect for the holiday weekend.


Outro song: Stevie Wonder - As 

Ep 36 Art Through The Veil w/ Matt Pecson

I sat down with Contemporary Pop Artist Matt Pecson. I find sitting down with Musicians and artist to be the most fascinating people. It really is about wanting to break through that veil and trying to understand what they see. Matt's story is very interesting because he just got into painting 2 years ago after an illness. But what he is able to tap into and pull out from the other side in magical. He has found his bliss.

There is also an extra/ preview of next week's talk with fellow podcaster and co founder of Mind Pod Network, Noah Lampert.
Outro song: Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gunrsz_1447984409465.jpg


Ep 35 Love Is My Religion w/ “Toby Tyler”

A new friend of mine has quite the story to share. From growing up a Jehovah's Witness to being disfellowed to suffering severe depression to suicide attempts to healing through psilocybin . There's so much more to the story that wasn't told but in the end there is only healing and growth. Warning: Severe Esoteric Ramblings Contained Within

Outro song: Ziggy Marley - Love Is My Religion 

Ep 34 Vetiver Farm Hawaii w/ Jason Fox

Stretching over land and sea to connect with Jason Fox of  Vetiver Farms in Papaikou, HI on the Big Island. We talk about vetiver grass and the amazing things it's doing for the land in tropical climates. We talk about the oils he's making on the farm with vetiver, eucalyptus, lemon grass and lavender. We talk about his buddy Nahko of Medicine For The People and how his music sprang from the farm. We also get into the beauty of the land of Hawaii and of course end up chatting metaphysics. Does a conversation get any better than this first time talking with someone?


Outro song:  Nahko - Creation's Daughter (at Jason Fox's farm in Papa'ikou in December 2008)


Ep 33 Master of the Bansuri w/ Steve Gorn

On this episode of the podcast, I was beyond fortunate to be able to connect with Bansuri virtuoso Steve Gorn. The Grammy award winning flautist has performed Indian Classical Music and new American Music on the bansuri bamboo flute in concerts and festivals throughout the world. He can be heard on recordings with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Paul Simon, Richie Havens, etc etc. He talks here not just of the flute but how it is his practice. Nada Yoga means "union through sound." It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. Here's a short video that was made in India last winter https://youtu.be/cKIiR-QpY2U http://stevegorn.com/ 

Outro song: Indian Nights - Steve Gorn

Ep32 Cancer Awareness Mural Project Foundation w/ Patti Van Buskirk

I sat down with Patti Van Buskirk President of the Cancer Awareness Mural Project Foundation. 

Their statement on their website is: "The purpose of our organization is to bring issues of cancer that are in the background to the community using murals done by local artists. Using the interaction with the murals to draw out questions and concerns in order to act as a bridge to the medical community to provide information." 

Outro song: One Republic - I Lived 


Ep 31 Ayahuasca An Executive’s Enlightenment w/ Michael Sanders

Today's episode is the story of an advertising executive whose trip to Burning Man lead him to the Amazonian jungles of Peru. There he took part in three Shamanic Ayahuasca ceremonies that changed his life. His book Ayahuasca An Executive's Enlightenment reads like an adventure novel but fantasy it is not. His journey and his story telling ability will leave you captivated and wanting more. we even ended up speaking for another 45 minutes after the recording stopped. (I wish I hadn't stopped recording). Enjoy the podcast and then go get the book. You wont be sorry. Please welcome to the podcast Michael Sanders. 

Outro song: Hilario Chiriap - Homenaje a la Ayahuasca

Ep 30 Hobo Safe Camp w/ Mark Hammerschmidt

On this episode I connect with Mark Hammerschmidt, who along with his wife, Holly, have an amazing vision. (and that means two things)  First is their empathic/psychic vision, as they are both psychic/ tarot card readers. Second is they have a Go Fund Me campaign to complete their vision of a hobo sanctuary called Hobo Safe Camp. They are looking for a safe place for people who are traveling the road to stop in and have affordable spiritual retreats, artistic expression and a sense of oneness. Its an amazing endevour. So please support them at www.gofundme.com/hobosafecamp and get a phone or instagram reading as an incentive. (There's a little bit of a sporadic mic clicking on his end but I cleaned it up the best I could. I hope that you can get past it. Its worth it.) And don't bow out early, as Mark gives me a reading at the end of the episode. 

Outro song: Arlo Guthrie - Hobo's Lullaby 

Ep 29 Without Love In The Dream w/ Zach Leary

I was blessed to link up with Zach Leary and discuss the new documentary, "Dying To Know". It is the story about the relationship between Zach's father, Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. Amazing movie! we also discuss kirtan, the Grateful Dead and ISKCON among other esoteric murmurings. It was really fun and flowing podcast. Moral of the story: Without Love in the Dream, It Will Never Come True. Please give Zach's podcast, "It's All Happening" a listen, you won't regret it.

Outro song: Grateful Dead - Help On The Way/Slipknot/Franklin's Tower 06/10/1976


Ep 28 We Are Voltron w/ Izzy Rock (Complete Episode)

On episode 28 of the podcast, I connected over the interwebs with fellow podcaster of Tales From The Hardside and Gem City podcasts Mr. Izzy Rock. An extremely fun podcast to do. Its great when you meet someone and the conversation just flows effortlessly. I appeared on ep 187 of Tales From the Hardside and this is Izzy's rebuttal.
Outro song: HoneyHoney - Ohio


Ep 27 Who Will Save Your Soul? w/ Matthew Pancone

I had the great pleasure of sitting down with my friend Matt. We had no agenda, we just took some words swirled them in a bowl, threw them against the wall and waited to see what would stick. Its surprisingly quite coherent and inspiring at times. Enjoy our word soup.
Outro song: Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul1442512314761.jpg


Ep 26 Doing Vipassana with Marie

This week I skyped across the world with my friend Marie. She just finished an intensive ten day silent Vipassana retreat in the Blue Mountains of Australia. She gives a passionate blow by blow reliving of the tears, the pain, the hallucinations and the growth gained from her participation. 
Outro song: Willie Nelson - Rainbow ConnectionIMG_20150901_221945.jpg


Ep 25 Marley,Leary & Ginsberg, Oh My w/ David Silver

We've reached the 1/4 century mark, episode 25 of the podcast. What better way to celebrate than to talk music, philosophy, spirituality and politics with Writer, Director and Producer, Mr David Silver. David is also Co-Host of MindRolling Podcast so you can say that this episode is a meeting of the minds or the non minds. Outro song: Bob Marley - I Know A Place2015-08-242355021.jpg


Ep 24 Toweling Off w/ Carolina Florez

Episode 24 of the podcast is what happens after the cleansing. Its when you towel yourself off and bare your naked soul for all to see. Miss Carolina Florez and myself start this train off at a slow chug but then transform the train into a space craft and go far far from our celestial bodies and merge as one with the universe. So climb aboard. No need for seat-belts, they will just keep you from letting go. Check out Carolina's blog at www.liftedconscious.com and follow her on twitter and instagram: @liftedconscious Outro song: Govinda - Light Arrives